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Electroplating Metal Finishes

About PK Electroplating Metal Finishing Services

Decorative: High quality decorative electroplating finishes

Industrial: Electroplating where components require high resistance to corrosion.

Our Electroplating Metal Finishing Service can be done in house at our Factory in Chipping Norton.  

Some Electroplating Metal Finishes Include

Bright nickel Chrome Metal Finish

Metal plating for the bathrooms, architectural finishes, automotive, marine, lighting, shop fitting, and furniture.

Stainless Steel Electropolishing

Attractive, bright finish with improved corrosion resistance

Gold Plating

Great for use on products such as tap ware, door handles and lighting.

Black Chrome Finish

Excellent finish for architectural hardware, machine parts….highly durable.

Cutlery, trophy and memorabilia Silver Plating.

Revive your antique cutlery ect Silver Electro Plating service.